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Guidelines for RFD 2016-17 Twenty Point Programme-2006 Progress Report (April, 2011 to March, 2012) Filling-up of one post of Driver in Planning Department
Proceeding of MLA Meeting held on 4th & 5th Feb.,2016 Twenty Point Programme-2006 Progress Report (April, 2010 to March, 2011) List of candidates shortlisted for document verification held on 25/02/2019
Award winning Innovations under HP State Innovation Award Scheme 2014-15 Targets conveyed by Govt. of India for the year 2011-12 for Ranking items.  
RFD of various H.P. Govt. Departments Proceeding of MLA Priority Meeting held on 30th & 31st Jan., 2017  
Minutes of SPB Meeting 26th Feb. 2015 माननीय विधयाकों द्वारा निर्दिष्ट प  
Minutes of SPB Meeting 27th Jan. 2014 National Conference on Innovation at CIPS- Proceedings  
Notification Reg. Nomination of Non-Official Members SPB 2015 माननीय विधायकों द्वारा निर्दिष्ट प्  
World Bank Report on - Scaling New Heights :Social Inclusion and Sustainable Development in Himachal Pradesh Applications for recruitment to the Post of Peon(Class-IV) on daily wagesin Planning Department  
RFD Achievement / Evaluation Report for the Year 2013-14 Final/Approved Documentation on SDG-17  
Proceeding of Meeting of State Innovation Council (SInC) held on 27/06/2014 in HP Sectt. Performance Management & Accountability Toolkit (PMAT) User Maual  
Minutes of Meeting of State Innovation Council (SInC) held on 24/10/2013 in HP Sectt. Final/Approved Documentation on SDG-8
Final/Approved Documentation on SDG-10
Minutes of State Level Review of EAPs held on 25-06-2013 at Shimla Minutes of Meeting held 9-2-2017 with Working Group to discuss Draft Vision Documents of SDGs 8 & 10  
New Constituted Body of State Planning Board Draft Documentation on SDG-10 for Comments and Suggestions  
RFPs-Detailed terms & conditions,description of the requirements and Terms of Reference for each study -HPHDRCS Documentation on SDG No. 8 - Second Draft for Comments and Suggestions  
RFD of Planning Department for the year 2014-15 Draft Documentation on SDG-8 for Comments and Suggestions  
RFD of various H.P. Govt. Departments Enclosures of Letter No. PLG(PI)1-46/2016 Dt. 30th Nov.,2016  
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  
Proceeding of State Planning Board Meeting 15-02-2016 Achievement of SDGs in Himachal Pradesh -NITI Aayog guidelines & Presentation