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Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS)

Members of Parliament are approached by their Constituents, quite often, for small works of capital nature to be done in their Constituencies. Hence, there was a demand made by MPs that they should be able to recommend works to be done in their Constituencies. Considering these suggestions, the Prime Minister announced in Parliament on 23rd December, 1993, the " Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme". Detailed guidelines on the Scheme concept, implementation and monitoring of MPLADS were subsequently issued by the Ministry of Rural Development in February, 1994 who initially handled the Scheme. The guidelines were revised in December, 1994 by this Ministry. Pursuant to these guidelines, the Ministry issued Circulars, from time to time, on matters relating to operational details, based on suggestions received from Members of Parliament and others. Revised Guidelines were issued in February, 1997 and September, 1999. Thereafter, amendments to some provisions of the guidelines were issued from time to time. These guidelines are issued after incorporating amendments.

Under this scheme, each MP will have the choice to suggest to the Head of the District works to the tune of Rs.1 crore per year, to be taken up in his/her constituency. Elected Members of Rajya Sabha representing the whole of the State as they do, may select works for implementation in one or more district(s) as they may choose. Nominated Members of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha may also select works for implementation in one or more districts, anywhere in the country. The allocation per MP per year stands increased to Rs.2 crores from the year 1998-1999.

MPs can also recommend works outside their constituencies/states for construction of assets that are permissible in the guidelines, for rehabilitation measures in the event of "natural calamity of rare severity" in any part of the country for an amount not exceeding Rs. 10 lakhs, for each calamity.

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