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Rural Infrastructure Development Fund  ( RIDF ) 

The Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) was introduced by the Government of India while presenting the annual budget for the year1995-96. The basic objective of this programme is to extend loan assistance to the State Governments through NABARD for the completion of ongoing schemes and also the new projects in the infrastructure sector of the economy. This loan assistance is a part of the plan financing of the annual plan of the State Governments at the concessional interest rates. This programme was re-named as Agriculture Infrastructure and Credit Fund (AICF) by the NDA Government during the year 2004-05. Under the Agriculture Infrastructure and Credit Fund (AICF) the funding of Rural Roads and Rural Water Supply was not eligible for funding by the NABARD assistance. This programme was restored to its original form during 2004-05 (8th July, 2004 ).

The State Government has been availing the NABARD’s Loan Assistance on the following :

      • C/O Rural Road and Bridges.

      • C/O Minor Irrigation Schemes.

      • C/O Flood Protection Works.

      • C/O Drinking Water Supply Schemes, etc.

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