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The State Government has started a programme named “Gaon Bhi Apna or Kam Bhi Apna” in the year 1991-92 as a step in the area of decentralised planning and Public participation. A detailed review of this scheme was carried out after two years of its implementation which led to the restructuring and renaming of the Programme as “Vikas Main Jan Sahyog”. Over the years certain changes/amendments have been carried out in its implementation but by and large basic frame work and objectives of the scheme remained the same as was envisaged at the very outset of the Programme. Basic approach behind this programme was to ensure people's participation at the grass root level with an objective of supplementing the Government efforts in the area of infrastructural development and ensure the sustainability of assets in future.

There is people’s participation from the stage of identification of the scheme based on local priorities up to the level of its execution as is clear from the very nomenclature of the Scheme. According to the guidelines of the scheme a community or an individual can approach the DC/ADC/ADM/SDM/DPO/BDO for taking up a particular work under this scheme and thereafter the community or an individual can submit the approved plan alongwith the requisite contribution and other necessary documents required as per the guidelines of the scheme. People's contribution varies according to the nature/type of scheme and location of the scheme i.e. whether in the urban area, rural area, backward area or SC/ST population predominant area.

VMJS Programme is in operation in the entire state both tribal areas as well as non-tribal areas. As per the norms, funds are apportioned among the district's 60% on the basis of population and 40% on the basis of area.

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